Toni Peden

Toni Peden

Toni is a stay at home wife and mother living in rural Alabama with her husband, daughter, and two dogs, Trixie and Dixie. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading or spending time with her family and friends. Even though winter is her favorite season, she enjoys the summer months because that means spending time on the lake with her favorite mermaid princess. She loves tattoos, rock, coffee, traveling (not necessarily in that order). Her biggest traveling dream is to visit Ireland.

Taming her Might

Taming her Might within the Once Upon Academy anthology is a combination of several different tales. It includes Grimm’s “The Gnome”, “Hans my Hedgehog”, and “The Devil’s Sooty Brother”.

Will betrayal be her downfall or her saving grace?

Celeste Hartmann has been accepted to the very prestigious Once Upon Academy and everything seemed to be going great. She’s settled into her classes and made a few close friends.

After being betrayed by someone she thought was her friend, Celeste’s world is turned upside down. With the help of her best friends, can she overcome her obstacles and tame her might, or will she be consumed by the beast inside her fighting to be free?

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