Stephanie Harrell

Stephanie Harrell

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Song of the Reaper

Lyra and her twin sister Aria already had their gap year figured out. They would follow the path of their older sister in getting a job, then spend their evenings playing in their band, captivating audiences with their entrancing, rock and roll sound.

Then Lyra and her sisters learn they’ve been accepted to Once Upon an Academy, a school they’d never heard of, and only because their dad was chosen to be the new music professor.

Figuring her way around a new school, having a princess for a roommate, and learning fairytale creatures do exist is just the beginning. Not only does she have to balance classwork, homework, and a new social scene, but she now has to deal with the consequences of a family curse that will definitely take up all of her free time…

It also doesn’t help that she can’t stop thinking about her new reaping partner, Cole, who barely acknowledges she exists.

This semester may just be the death of Lyra Piper.