Emma Fontaine

Emma Fontain

Emma Fontaine is a pen name for Megan Fuentes. She uses this pen name to explore, twist, and rewrite fairy tales and myths from multiple cultures.
When she’s not visiting what her mother calls “la-la land,” Megan lives in Orlando with her boyfriend, a kitten rescued from a dumpster, and a lot of books she swears she’ll read when she “gets a minute,” whatever that means. Her favorite things in the world include iced coffee, office supplies, and telling you about those things. And writing, too!
If you enjoy historical romances taking place in America during the first half of the twentieth century, you may like the work Megan writes under her given name.

Sense & Sensitivity

After learning she’s the secret daughter of the princess who sat on the pea, sensitive shut-in Adeline Augustin-Mignon is swept away to Once Upon Academy, a magical school filled with surprises around every corner.
One of those surprises is Quilo Stenberg, handsome son of a cold-hearted villainess. Adeline knows she shouldn’t be getting herself into that kind of trouble, even if his rumored icy exterior seems to melt only for her.
But when they’re paired up together for a dangerous project, Adeline and Quilo must use their unique abilities to save each other’s grades.
And each other’s lives.