Elle Klass

Elle Klass

Elle Klass is an award winning author. She currently lives in Florida with her family. To date she has written and published over sixteen books, in varying genre’s including mystery, suspense, psychological thrillers, fantasy, sci-fi and contemporary fiction. When she’s not writing she’s spending time with family or friends, traveling, relaxing at home watching ghost and horror movies or listening to an audio book.

Bone Stars

Bone Stars is a sweet romance/ fantasy with a pinch of suspense.

Grenna isn’t too thrilled to attend the Once Upon Academy. She was hoping for something less magical and more Ivy League. She meets Mandevar, a magic physics major whose hot under his apparent nerdiness and begins to think otherwise.

Their first date is where the adventure begins. Mandevar is a bit of a mystery and continues to surprise her. Turns out he isn’t the only surprise when they get lost together in an enchanted forest.

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