Once Upon Academy

Welcome to Once Upon Academy where Magic is real and Princesses really do have happily ever afters.

Join the descendants of classic fairy-tales as they navigate through their college life at the prestigious Once Upon Academy.

Once Upon Academy is a world created by the minds of Breezy Jones, Elle Klass, Emma Fontaine, Kerry Evelyn, Kim Plasket, Marie Long, Stephanie Harrell, Toni Peden, Valerie Puri, and Valerie Willis.

Readers who pre-order can receive a special Welcome Packet with a map, class list, and more–don’t miss this exclusive bonus!

Simply screenshot your proof of preorder and date, and send in an email to onceuponacademyantho@gmail.com. Welcome packets will be sent out every Friday during the pre-order period (ends April 28).

Join us in the Wicked World of fairy-tales and Lore where magic is real and princesses really do get happy endings.

With Love- Fairy Godmother

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